Julie, China

In my very first lesson, Nicole made me feel very comfortable, rather than embarrassed or ill at ease as an English speaking outsider. She has a natural ability to let the student feel relaxed and you can focus on the business of pronunciation. She also made, what some people think of as a dry subject very interesting. After my first lesson, I did not hesitate to commit to the whole 12 week programme.  As a middle aged learner, it took a lot of effort to interpret and comprehend the differences between vowels and consonants, the positioning of my tongue and shape of my for certain sounds. Nicole was very patient and dedicated with sound knowledge of the subject and good people skills. I was encouraged to try again and again and again. I am not saying that my pronunciation is perfect as a native speaker now but it has improved a lot. At work, my co-workers appraise me often and I feel more confident in presenting at work. In social situations, I am much more easily understood and I am more open to make new friends in Sydney. I have no hesitation in recommending Nicole if you are interested in improving your

English pronunciation.

Vadim, Russia

Nicole’s lessons are great and I can recommend them to everyone who would like to improve their pronunciation.

I had some problems, people asked me to repeat. Therefore was looking for individual lessons to address my specific problems. I was happy to find Nicole’s lessons.

Nicole is a great communicator and encourages speaking. And during conversations she identifies the student’s problems.

We addressed sounds I had difficulties with. Nicole explained how to pronounce them correctly, we practised during the lessons, Nicole gave materials to practise at home and sent audio files. She also explained some aspects of intonation in English.

As a result now I speak clearer. I am very grateful to Nicole for that.

Steven, Korea

I have just finished 12 lessons with Nicole and found the lessons and her advice very helpful. Nicole diagnosed my English pronunciations problem and worked together one by one until I pronounced them naturally.

Her teaching methods were straightforward, and her words and explanations were easy to understand. She knew what vocabularies I use at work, so we intensively practiced and now I feel my colleagues understand my English a bit better.  I highly recommend Nicole's class to any skilled immigrants with non-native English speaking background. Perhaps you will find far more words than you thought were pronounced incorrectly.

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