SHADOWING: A great technique for learning to sound natural

1. Pick some English audio / video material you really like

Try to choose materials that have transcript or subtitles – it can be your favourite movie, sitcom or audiobook.

2. Listen to the chosen material several times to get to know the content.

It's easier to apply the technique on materials that you know a bit already.

3. Do the shadowing!

Listen to the material again and try to imitate actors / narrator. What do I mean by that? Repeat everything what is being said in the audio material. You can try to talk at the same time as the actor / narrator, or you can wait until he/she finishes the sentence and then repeat what he / she said. It is completely up to you but I personally prefer talking at the same time as the actor.

Note: It's not easy for the first time! :) Yeah, if you are just starting with the shadowing technique, don't get discouraged if it feels difficult at first. It's normal, so keep going! After some time you will get better. Shadowing will be easier for you and you will improve your English a lot.


· don’t try to be 100% perfect, have fun and enjoy your time

· imitate everything actor does – not just raw words, but try to imitate his/her pronunciation, voice pitch, pauses, everything you can hear from the actor ;)

· do the shadowing with one audio for several days - move to a new audio when you feel you had enough

· use headphones or earphones

· exercise while shadowing - simple walking is enough - it will keep you energized, alert and you will learn more! :)

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