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Malcolm Turnbull: Why Australians are up in arms about 'pie-gate'

It seems unlikely Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had any idea of the storm he was about to wade into when he posted the short clip to Instagram.

After all, he was just eating a pie.

Only, he was eating it with a knife and fork. And this is something Australians have strong opinions on.

Where's the sauce?'

Scott Gilbert was in no doubt where the politician had gone wrong.

"A pie that small should, and always will be, only eaten by a technique that is learned when you go to school with a tuck shop. Two hands. Gently press down on the far side whilst slightly slurping the near side," he tweeted.

Australian radio host Ben Fordham's suggestion that the use of a knife and fork might not be the worst thing in the world got short shrift from columnist Rita Panahi.

"Unfollowed, blocked & reported for promoting unAustralian activities," she tweeted.

For Martin Sanna, there were wider implications. "That will lose him votes. Plus where's the sauce?! Game over!" he tweeted.

Somewhat worryingly, with just days before thousands of Australians vote in five by-elections, Mr Sanna may not be wrong. Politicians around the world have learned this the hard way.

Indeed, Mr Turnbull need only look as far as his predecessor, Tony Abbott, who was filmed eating a raw onion - with its skin on - in March 2015.

Mr Turnbull then ousted him as leader of the Liberal Party, and prime minister of Australia, just a few months later. Coincidence? Almost definitely. But still, who knows where he would have been had onion-gate not happened.

BBC World News, July 27 2018

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