Frequently asked questions

1. Can adults still change their accent?  

Yes!   There is a wealth of evidence that shows that accent modification training is effective ( ).


Many people believe that you are "stuck" with your accent once you are an adult. The truth is that your accent will not change without effort. Living an English speaking country is not enough. You need to tune your hearing to the (sometimes very) fine differences between what you have been producing and what a native speaker produces. You then need to learn new habits and you need lots of practice. 

2. How long will it take to change my accent?

Most clients start to see some improvement after the first few weeks. If you commit to the recommended daily practice of 1 hour each day, you will see a definite improvement after the 12 week program. 

3. How often do I have to practice?  

If you commit to practicing 1 hour a day, you will see at least 50% improvement in clarity and accuracy. 

4. What's the difference between accent and pronunciation?

For our purposes, they are almost the same. Pronunciation refers to how you produce individual sound. Accent describes the pronunciation patterns you use. These patterns are usually associated with a particular area or country.