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Do you need professional and workplace English that's easy to understand?

Pronunciation Training for ESL speakers

personalised, one-on-one lessons based on YOUR needs

Lessons through Zoom or in person

Julie, China

In my very first lesson Nicole made me feel comfortable rather than embarrassed or ill at ease as an English speaking outsider...


Vadim, Russia

Nicole's lessons are great and I can recommend them to everyone who would like to improve their pronunciation...

Steven, Korea

I have just finished 12 lessons with Nicole and found the lessons and her advice very helpful...


Hi, I'm Nicole Levesque. As a specialist English pronunciation teacher, I work with professionals from around the world who want to communicate more clearly. I  have expertise in clients from Brazil, China, Korea, India and Spanish speakers, but I can also work efficiently with all nationalities.

I have always had a passion for languages and am particularly interested in understanding how adults learn best. I also believe that warmth and patience will always yield the best results.

I have a master's degree in speech and language pathology, I am a qualified English (esl) teacher, and I am also a certified Compton PESL  (pronouncing English as a second language) trainer. 

Originally from Canada, I have also lived in the U.S.A., in the U.K. and (for the past 20 years) in Australia.



Face-to-face lessons are available on Saturdays only:

        Level 6 Chandos St,

        St Leonards


  • people often ask you to repeat

  • you avoid using words like "spreadsheet" and "beach"

  • you have been in Australia for a long time and you are no longer improving spontaneously

  • you haven't been in Australia for very long and you find it hard to understand Aussies when they speak together

  • you are frustrated that people are often more focused on how you speak than on what you are saying

  • you know there are some words you don't pronounce the same as native speakers, but you don't know how to change it

  • feel confident 

  • better work flow and team participation

  • no more embarrassing mistakes

  • increased sales

  • better client relationships

  • less frustration

Every professional understands the importance of good communication. Learning natural, easy-to-understand pronunciation will allow you to focus on being good at what you do.  Here are some of the benefits of clearer speech:

Maximise your career potential



45 min lesson

To ensure a good result, the recommendation for most clients is 12 lessons. If you have a mild accent you may need fewer lessons. 



Ask a question or Book an informal chat

If you have any questions, text me directly on 0405 344 334,

email me on

or, feel free to schedule an informal chat.

I will reply to your question/booking request by email within 1 working day. If you have not received a reply, please check your spam folder.